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Video uploads must be made from a desktop or laptop computer. If you are seeing this message and you are on a desktop or laptop computer, please make your browser window larger and the upload area¬†will appear. Refresh the page if you can’t see the entire section.


If you are on your mobile device, please visit from one of those devices and upload your memory.


720 HD or Higher


Do not compress, alter or color the footage in any way


Submit Your Memories to be in our Film.

happy, sad, joy, pain, love, beauty, nature, hurt, funny, random, abstract, bizarre, majestic, artful, unique, glaciers, pyramids, trees, oceans, architecture, first kiss, weird, water, last kiss, family, birth, death, travel, fly, prayer, violence, tragic, astounding, home, departure, arrival, asleep, awake, dreaming, submerged, lovers, friends, enemies, breathtaking, grotesque, fantasy, magic, harsh, community, laugh, smile, birthday, reflection, time, lost, found, yearning, satisfaction, colors, sky, nightmare, age, views, regret, harmony, music, landscape, dreamscape, blurred, crystalized, patterns, familiar, temple, far away, paths, returning, alone, dark, stars, disarming, worship, adventure, summer, winter, meals, honeymoon, retreat, pilgrimage, holidays, vacation, work, traffic, doors, organized, chaos, longing, significant, painting, pets, cold, hot, routine, perfection, mirrored, pond, leaves, poetry, bright, ugly, ashamed, fragile, broken, shattered, repaired, hospital, recovery, reemerge, create, construct, scenic, towering, cafes, outside, church, ruins, beauty, placid, bustling, bridges, expensive, cheap, exotic, excursion, movement, navigation, tour, trek, hitch, allure, charm, delicacy, grace, style, refinement, sophistication, disrepair, crumble, graveyard, decay, fade, perish, bold, mind, flashback, past, thought, recall, forgotten…